Bare Board Cleaning

Approx. 70% of the defects in the SMT process are due to the paste print. The quality of the paste print depends, among other things, directly on possible contamination on the unassembled PCBs. This is where Teknek's cleaning systems provide a remedy.

The systems can also be used excellently after laser marking to remove residues from the laser process.

The contaminants are picked up by the rubberised rollers without leaving any residue and then transferred to adhesive rollers.

Teknek's cleaning systems are available in two widths, the smaller system for PCBs with a maximum width of 400 mm, the larger model up to 600 mm. The customer can choose between systems for single-sided or alternatively double-sided cleaning.

With the help of the integrated ioniser at the outlet of the cleaning system and the specially developed NanocleanTM adhesive rollers, the remaining electromagnetic charge on the boards is reduced to a minimum.