With soft- and hardware solutions from pb tec solutions traceability will no longer be a vision. Because of the modular structure our software can be adapted to existing systems without any problem. Furthermore we offer solutions for material control, inventory tracking, MSD control and much more. Please see details under Traceability/Line control.

The easiest and cheapest way to mark a product is feeding of labels with a label feeder. The feeder is integrated into the pick and place system and the label will be fed and placed very simply, precisely and in line speed like a component.

Not only labels, also special parts like capton dots, pressure or humidity sensors, spacers, adhesive dots - anything which is placed on a liner – can be presented to the placement head with a label feeder. Thus, a special part will become a standard part – without use of an expensive special machine.

For applications where applying of labels in the pick and place machine is too late for the traceability, label- or laser cells can be used – either inline or as a standalone solution.

Identification / Traceability