Thermal bonding - Electromechanical connections in high precision!

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Label Feeder Slimline / Mediumline

Automatic labelling by label feeder is a cost-effective and simple solution, also for integration in special machines. Our feeders are available with corresponding adaptations for a wide range of pick-and-place machines, such as ASM, Fuji, Juki, etc. The Slimline Label

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We can also supply you with the appropriate labels for our label feeders and label cells. We offer a wide range of UL, cUL and CSA certified label materials – you are sure to find the right one for your

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In-System Programming

In-System Programming is an interesting solution for all companies that want to program already assembled components quickly and without additional loss of space in the line. SMH is one of the leading companies in the field of in-system programming and

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SPECIAL OFFER: We sell our demo laser cell!

30 watt laser, integrated turning station, teaching of marking position, exhaust air system

Only 65.000 € plus installation, delivery and VAT

Reflow Inline Camera

The Uisys HiCam is a Reflow-QM-System that for the first time combines temperature and vibration measurements with camera recordings. In contrast to AOIs, which come into play after the reflow process, defects can thus be precisely traced back to definable

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Optical Bonding

Optical bonding, both with OCA Tape (Optical Clear Adhesive) and LOCA (Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive), is used for a wide range of electronic components. Current technology and market trends show that there is a rapid increase in products that require

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Place-N-Bond Underfilm

THE Alternative to the Underfill Process The thermoplastic produced in the USA is used to improve solder joints and to increase the shock absorption of SMT components such as BGA, LGA and CSP on your PCBs. Supplied in pocket tapes,

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Consulting & Service

In order to meet the technical requirements and developments in the electronics industry, it is necessary to know your production processes and workflows in detail, to analyse them regularly and to adapt them to new standards accordingly.Thanks to our many years of experience and our wide range of products, we can provide you with pointers on how to optimise your processes.

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Due to the current Corona pandemic and the resulting limited event possibilities, there are unfortunately always further postponements or cancellations.

We update the dates regularly to keep you informed as best as possible.

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