PLACE-N-BOND Underfilm

THE Alternative to the Underfill Process

The thermoplastic produced in the USA is used to improve solder joints and to increase the shock absorption of SMT components such as BGA, LGA and CSP on your PCBs.

Supplied in pocket tapes, PLACE-N-BOND thermoplastic can be integrated into an existing assembly process via a feeder and bonded to the respective components in the usual reflow process.

By eliminating the need for dispensing machines in your new or expanded manufacturing process, this process ensures accelerated profitability right from the start!

See for yourself the typical PLACE-N-BOND process and its cost advantages:

Are you already convinced of the product? We would be happy to send you test material to substantiate the suitability of our PLACE-N-BOND strips for your process. The data sheets give you a first overview:

RP-113178  RP-113179