FlashRunner FRPXIA3

FlashRunner PXI is the world's first integrated ISP programming solution for PXI systems.

Faster test execution times and higher productivity in software development drastically reduce overall system costs.

At the same time, FlashRunner PXI is a reliable solution for Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) in the production environment. Ideal for parallel programming of up to 3 microcontrollers or serial memories.

Further features

  • Integration of the module in only one slot
    of your PCI chassis
  • 3 parallel programming channels in the system;
    for each channel:
    -   5 digital I/O lines
    -   2 digital I7O or analogue output lines
    -   2 programmable output voltages
    -   1 programmable clock output


  • Easy integration through libraries
    in LabView, C/C++ etc.
  • Supports the most common ISP protocols such as BDM, JTAG, SPI, I2C, MON, ICC, SCI etc.

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