LED Analysis

FEASA LED testers are multi-channel systems that test the colour and intensity of LEDs. They are used in PCB manufacturing worldwide because they ensure traceable measurement of individual LEDs.

Fast, compact, robust and easy to integrate, FEASA LED analysers can test 100 LEDs in less than three seconds.

FEASA systems are used in a wide range of markets, including automotive, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, white goods, lighting and computing. FEASA LED test equipment is supplied with a comprehensive software package that supports the integration of the system into the existing test station.

DLLs and Labview® drivers for use with VB, C++, C# and National Instruments Labview® or any software platform capable of sending or receiving SCII string commands. Test plans are also available for Agilent 3070 and Genrad/Teradyne ICT platforms.

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