Reflow Inline Video Camera

The Uisys HiCam is a reflow QM system that combines temperature and vibration measurements with camera recordings for the first time.

In contrast to AOIs, which come into play after the reflow process, defects can thus be precisely traced back to definable points in time in the furnace. The system includes two camera modules:

The front camera module allows viewing of the interior of reflow ovens and viewing of PCBs moving ahead on the conveyor.


The top view camera module rounds off the imaging scope by allowing printed circuit boards to be clamped directly onto the module and individual areas or components to be observed specifically during the reflow process.

A look into the oven!

Further Features

  • Measurement up to a temperature of 285°C
  • Recording time up to 10 minutes
  • Connections for up to 3 thermocouples (accuracy: +/- 2°C)
  • Tablet for life image playback
  • Software for generation of temperature and vibration profiles included

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