Optical and Thermal Bonding

The development of mobile electronic devices has led to an increasing demand for high-resolution LCD modules combined with touch panels (ITO). The ever-growing interest is directed towards thin module designs with the highest imaging quality. This is often coupled with requests for creative 3D shapes. It is precisely in these application areas that OCA lamination is making a disruptive impact on the display bonding market.

Innovative designs for mobile devices can finally be realised by using slim and lightweight components in combination with ACF or hot-bar soldering. This replaces the design limitations of classic electromechanical connector technology. This offers completely new possibilities for printers, optical mice, touchpads and hard disk drives, for example, where technologies such as ACF or hot-bar soldering are increasingly being used.

Cherusal can look back on 20 years of experience in the fields of optical bonding, thermal bonding and testing. For each application, a precise needs and feasibility analysis is carried out before the customer receives an individual quotation for his specific requirements.


Wherever dispensing was previously the only solution, Place-N-Bond products offer a new, technically and economically interesting alternative. The pre-cut dry-film adhesive strips are simply fed in the placer, and the underfilling and curing then take place in the oven parallel to the soldering process.

The US company Alltemated successfully supports electronics manufacturers worldwide with customised Place-N-Bond solutions. Investment costs for a dispenser are eliminated, making it very easy to plan projects with new products and to implement projects that would otherwise be too risky or not lucrative enough because of the high investment.