Label Feeder Slimline / Mediumline

Automatic labelling by label feeder is a cost-effective and simple solution, also for integration in special machines.

Our feeders are available with corresponding adaptations for a wide range of pick-and-place machines, such as ASM, Fuji, Juki, etc.

The Slimline Label Feeder has a width of only 30mm and therefore takes up much less space in the pick-and-place machine or special machine than all other currently available label feeders. It can feed labels up to a liner width of 15mm.

For wider liners up to 30mm, our Mediumline Label Feeder is available. With a width of only 46mm, it is also particularly space-saving.

We offer you the complete solution - label feeder and labels - from one source.

With our label feeders not only labels can be fed, but also die cut parts and functional parts.

Send us a few sample parts and we will check the feasibility for you.