Label cell

Inline Label Cell BCL-650

Many companies necessarily need to label their PCBs already in the beginning of the production line.

The label cell BCL-650 provides a compact alternative for a reasonable price. It can either be used at the beginning of the production line to label bare boards or offline for marking of already populated boards.

The integrated label feeder feeds the preprinted labels or Kapton parts and the positioning system automatically and precisely places them on the PCB.

The most important advantages at a glance

  • flexible solution for automated labelling either of bare boards or populated PCBs
  • compact design, only 770mm space needed
  • label sizes from 3x3mm
  • can also be used to apply die cut parts

An overview about the basic system you can find here:

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We are also happy to offer you the appropriate labels and/or die cut parts for your process!