Die Attach

Die Attach is the first and most important process in the assembly of high-quality microelectronic
components and systems. MAT (Micro Assembly Technology) attach systems are characterised by their
modular design, high flexibility and excellent price-performance ratio.

The specific strengths of MAT systems are with complex, high value applications such as Multi Chip Modules,
Imaging Devices, Sensors, MEMS, Flip Chip Modules, and much more.

MAT's die bonders (or die attach systems) precisely place and bond semiconductor components such as ASICs,
microprocessors, sensors, MMICs, MEMS, VCSELs, photodiodes, etc. in their packages using adhesive or metallurgical
processes (eutectic, thermocompression, ultrasonic, Ag-sintering).

MAT's main products are the automatic high-precision model 6500 and the automatic benchtop 6200.