Low Static Cleaning System

Teknek's SMT-II sets new standards for cleaning SMT printed circuit boards.

With extremely low static and low-pressure cleaning, the SMT-II provides the perfect method for removing contaminants prior to paste printing.


Two cleaning widths 40 – 400 mm
40 – 600 mm
Operation modes Double side cleaning and bypass or single side cleaning and bypass
Elastomer rollers NTTM- or UTF-NanocleanTM
Adhesive rollers AREP or AREF
Progressing speed 1-40 m/min.
Pass line height 900 +/-50 mm
Power supply 85-265Vac
Pneumatic pressure 5-7 bar oil free compressed air
ESD compatibility:
Machine ANSI / ESDs 6.1-2014 & IEC 61340-5-1 2016
All rollers ISO 6123 Class A
NT™/NanocleenTM 20.20 ANSI / ESDs 20.20-2014
Adhesive FINAT
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