Cleaning systems for bare boards and static charge reduction

The Tek-BC-20 & 20C are the next generation of bare board cleaning machines with exceptionally low static charge for the SMT industry.

Inspired by the new Teknek 2.0 philosophy, these multifunctional products are fully Industry 4.0 compatible for both M2M communication and automated PCB handling.

Thanks to the patented technology of the elastomer and adhesive rollers used, the two latest cleaning systems guarantee
Tek-BC-20 and -20C guarantee compliance with international ESD & EOS standards.

Your benefits:

  • Compliant with ANSI / ESD s6.1 - 2014 & IEC 61340-5-1-2016
  • 100% Networked
  • Strong heart
  • Eliminate damage
  • Increase productivity

For detailed specifications, please refer to the brochure.

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