MAT 6500

Fully Automatic High Precision Die Attach System

This die attach system is user-friendly and very versatile due to its modular design.

The very large working area allows the processing of substrate carriers of up to 500 x 300 mm. The system processes active and passive components with sizes from 0.15 mm up to over 50 mm.

The Model 6500 is suitable for both room temperature and heated processes, including epoxy, eutectic, thermo sonic, thermo compression, ACF/ACP, NCF/NCP, flip chip, DAF, Ag sintering and other applications.

The advanced motion control, high-resolution digital imaging system and sophisticated software ensure a very high placement accuracy of ±3 microns (process dependent).

The components can be taken from different systems:

  • Up to forty 2″ or up to twelve 4″ wafer or gel paks.
  • Wafers up to 300 mm
  • Up to 8 Tape & Reel Feeders

The MAT 6500 is specifically designed for complex die attach applications including combined processes, unusual formats and aspect ratios and a very large number of components.

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